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I was born in Melbourne, Australia. As a child my psychic and intuitive abilities were already developed. Early in life I experienced personal loss and trauma, which became the catalyst for exploring myself, and my world deeply. Overcoming my own difficulties I felt drawn to help people. So it was a natural progression for me to facilitate others growth and dedicate myself to healing people and the Earth. I trained as a Master/Teacher of several traditional and non-traditional healing systems such as Reiki and SKHM. In 1991 I became a flower essence practitioner contributing key channelled information for Essences by Sabian, a group of tree essences founded in Australia. This information provided by the Nature Kingdom to me, profoundly became my apprenticeship as a spokesperson for the nature realm of Earth and provided the foundation for a book about this particular essence system entitled Tree Essences for the Journey.

This ever-growing passion has lead me on a fascinating journey; gathering knowledge and co-creating vibrational essences made at ancient and sacred places around the world. This system is known as Soul Quintessence System. I have written three books on this subject entitled: Soul Quintessence – Emergence, A Guide to Soul Quintessence System and Spiritual Voyager Cards - a book and set of guidance cards that compliment the Soul Quintessence range.

I have lived abroad for over a decade now and travel the world extensively as guided through my healing gifts –offering lectures, conducting seminars, facilitating tours to ancient sacred power places and co-creating quintessences.


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Soul Quintessence is our pure, original state of consciousness. This site is dedicated to reinstating this way of being through personal development, vibrational healing, earth healing and spirituality. Herein you will find information about: Soul Quintessence System – vibrational essences that promote, personal and planetary upliftment, Radiance Force - soul reinstatement, Seichim, SKHM and Reiki. 

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